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Heritage Type Co. is a type foundry with a focus on vintage type design. We mainly provide high quality display fonts which stand out due to their artistic and precise workmanship – always in respect of traditional type design with a modern interpretation.

The company was founded by Tobias Saul and his sales partner Nicolas Heymann. Tobias Saul is working as an independent lettering artist and illustrator for several years. His style is mainly influenced by his passion to graphic design and lettering from the early 20th century. A couple of years ago he published his first typeface "Blackriver", with great feedback. From then on his profession turned from professional freelance design to a well known independent type designer.

We believe that type is one of the most essential parts not only for design rather for the whole human society. Throughout history there were created thousands of fonts and letterforms from diverse designers all over the world. Lots of these type creations were simply forgotten and have never seen a computer. But sometimes we still find them on old packaging, brick walls or signage. We love these letterings because of their artistic and handcrafted charisma and simply want to bring these back to our modern world.