In this tutorial, Drew Wilson explains how to use our Free Heritage Type Illustrations. We have thousands of free illustrations for you to use in your designs and projects, and we thought why not give you a quick guide on how to actually use them. Drew shows you how to edit the colors and even change and delete parts of the vector illustrations. Check out the free sets here


Will there be free vintage illustrations again?

Handofcrimson April 18, 2023

I love Heritage!!! Will you be making some new fonts soon? And ornament bundles? Keep those products coming! You could break some packages up into single products- I’d love to Signmaster Pro by itself, in the font section to download! You could re-package what you have for new product!😃

Heidi Jay January 24, 2023

Hi – I started watching the videos, but all of the user controls are turned off, which makes it super inconvenient to skip to the portion that I am interested in or even to adjust the volume on the video alone (versus turning up the volume on my computer overall, which makes all of the notifications sound like bombs going off). Can you please allow user controls in the videos?

Carol November 18, 2021 this is really good to read and easy to follow

hayden August 31, 2021

How do I move the fonts into MSWord?

Bob Throckmorton August 20, 2021

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