Since many of us didn't really get the chance to travel this year we thought why not take you on a digital journey around the world and show you some of the most gorgeous storefronts!

If you're like us, you can't help but get inspired by a beautiful storefront. It simply catches your attention as you may stroll around the city. A beautiful storefront is like the cover of a book. It is the first impression of what's awaiting you. Its doors welcome you into another world - and each time a different one. We are mesmerized by the collection we have put together and hope you'll love it as much as we do!



Storefront Café Montmartre Paris
Storefront Le Bon Georges Paris

and its beautiful storefronts

Our journey starts in France, more specifically in Paris, because let's be honest - this city has some of the most dazzling cafés, boulangeries and restaurants. Paris is known as the city of love for a reason. Walking along its streets, especially in the area of Montmartre, where so many great artists, poets and writers once set foot and seemingly made it the creative centre of the world in the 1920s, the city will easily get you on the hook with its charm. Paris has its own rhythm, which you can easily spot when looking at these gorgeous storefronts.

Storefront Boulangerie Paris

captured by Sebastian Erras

In this beautiful series German photographer Sebastian Erras, who we already featured on our blog, brings Paris and its people a little bit closer. These pictures remind us of the portraits by Photographer August Sander, who used to capture people and their professions in a powerful way. Erras himself is an incredible photographer, too and we hope you like these pictures as much as we do. We can't decide, but which storefront is your favorite one?

Storefront Thomas Farthing London
Storefront The Iron Duke London

United Kingdom

The city's heart clearly beats to another rhythm. Many think of London as a very fast-paced and dog-eat-dog world, but don't forget that there are just so many beautiful stores and places where you can relax and dive right into that authentic British lifestyle. We're amazed of how many little details you can find in each storefront. The British sure know how to make an appearance.

Madrid, Sevilla and Barcelona

Next stop: Spain. We can easily spot the warmth of this country by looking at these storefronts. The colors, fonts, tiles and decoration of these beautiful stores invite you to slow down and to enjoy life's pleasures. Only by looking at these pictures we can imagine the rest of the streets and how we might discover another hidden gem just around the corner.

United States of America

New York is though and we believe this characteristic is somewhat visible in these storefronts. It creates a one of a kind beauty and we certainly love it. All the bricks and woodwork are amazing, don't you think?

Storefront Bodega Ardosa
Storefront Rome
Storefront Coffee London
Storefront Best of British
Storefront La Moderna Spain
Storefront The Vintage Showroom London

captured by HeyDavina

One of our most favorite Instagrammers when it comes to beautiful storefronts is HeyDavina. During her many travels around the globe she has come across some of the most beautiful places and lucky for us - captured them. Her pictures are like portraits. Each storefront has a unique facade and story to tell. We're simply in love.

Storefront Caffe Rome
Storefront Florian Venice

around the world

Our journey is not over yet, there are still so many beautiful places out there and we can't wait to show you more! We hope that you enjoyed our virtual tour for now and feel inspired by these gorgeous storefronts!



LILY December 08, 2022

thank you for the inspiration!

victoria fallon April 04, 2022

Love the storefront pics. I actually use them as inspiration for creating my model rail road buildings.

Suzanne Roark November 16, 2021

These are beautiful, thank you so much for sharing.

Elisa Law June 11, 2021

Hi Jeff,
I’ve collected shots of hundreds of Paris store fronts over the last 30 years. Yours are far more beautiful. They are so meaningful and show such imagination. It really reflects the store owner’s vision for the store. Thank you so much.

Nancy Michael April 28, 2021

Thanks for posting this. I handcraft custom acoustic guitars and have a small shop in historic downtown Salida, Colorado.
This is great inspiration and will help with my storefront redesign. I’ll be going for something like “The Vintage Showroom.”

Jeff November 30, 2020

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