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Artistic Design

We are an independent type foundry and graphic supplier set forth on a journey to revive the love for artistic design amidst today’s technology laden world.

Our efforts have sprung from our passion for the prudent yet elegant aesthetic of times past like ephemera packaging and lettering. We firmly believe that the heritage of old design masters can truly enrich our contemporary lives as the 21st century designer has plenty to learn from them: remarkable dedication, persistence, attention to detail, just to name a few.


Tobias was working as an independent lettering artist for several years. His style is mainly influenced by his passion to graphic design and lettering from the early 20th century. During client work he noticed that existing typefaces with an authentic vintage look and a high quality standard were super rare.

Thus eventually he decided to create the first typeface himself which received great feedback among colleagues and clients. From then on a new idea was born. Together with Nicolas he founded Heritage Type Co. with the mission to create extraordinary vintage sets that would help any designer to achieve incredible results in every project.

Our Team

We are looking for talented developers, designers and illustrators to join our team.

For more information check our current jobs here or contact us directly.

Nicolas Heymann
Founder & CEO

Tobias Saul
Founder & CPO

Philipp Rukin

Julius Behr
Operations Manager

Drew Wilson
Social Media Manager

Philipp Maus
Art Director

Viktor Baltus
Graphic & Type Designer

Claas Cassens
Software Engineer

Lesley Restauro
Customer Support

Martin Ratkowski
UI/UX Designer

Manuel de Lignières
Type Designer

Ignacio Sanchez
Software Engineer

Guido Vizoso
Software Engineer

Cristian Gonzalez
Software Engineer

Yvonne Kienzl
Creative Director

Bojana Petkovic
Sales & Marketing

Sergej Krieger
Graphic & Type Designer

Graphic & Type Designer

Mona Rüthers
Content Manager

Artem Novikov
Illustrator & Graphic Designer

Our Products

At Heritage Type Co. we want to make authentic vintage design from past centuries available to everyone. All our products start out as hand-drawn, to be later elaborated and finalized using digital tools, opening up plenty of occasions for them to be used in the digital day and age.






We guarantee that all products are created with passion and great attention to detail. If you are running into any problems after downloading, please let us know and we are always happy to help. You can check out our FAQ page or send us a message here.

Also, if you are not happy with your purchase for any reason, we are always open to discuss your issues or to give a refund within 30 days after purchase. In this case please click here to contact us.

Learn & Discover

Heritage Type Co. is much more than just a font vendor. Our platform is your source for new ideas, extending your design skills or knowledge around vintage design. We just launched a new blog section with a growing selection of exciting tutorials from experienced designers all around the world. Furthermore we want to share with you, our most favorite discoveries in the big field of vintage design and beyond.

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