This week we'd like to introduce you to the highly talented Martin Schmetzer! He is a Designer and Illustrator based in Stockholm, Sweden. Martin is most known for his hand-drawn typography with a high level of detail and diligence. We have featured many of his stunning designs already, but clearly we can't get enough! Learn more about his work-process and (work-)values below! Enjoy!

Heritage Type Co.: How do you start your day?

Martin: With coffee, very early, together with my wife getting two small ones ready for preschool.

Your workplace: clean or creative chaos?

I like to keep my workplace very clean and tidy, I share an office in Stockholm, södermalm together with three friends from different creative fields and I’m the one who mostly vacuums, mop the floors and have the most orderly desk.

What’s your work-progress like?

The sketch process is most valuable to me and I always start with drawing pen and paper before turning to the computer. The computer is a fantastic finalizing tool but I feel it also limits my shapes and composition if I don’t start first by hand where I can go the whole hog. First I do thumbnail sketches to explore different compositions and solutions for the client to consider. Once a favorite is selected I draw much more finely, tightening the lines and honing the details. Once the sketch has client approval I turn to Adobe Illustrator where I redraw the design with vectors using the pen-tool. I think patience is the main ingredient in most of my work.

Your top-track to listen to while working?

Lately I have been listening a lot to Snoh Aalegra, I find the 90’s vibe very reminiscent and soothing while working. However usually I listen more to podcasts, a favorite is ”The Daily” from The New York Times.

Where do you go to relax?

My garden.

Three values to live and work by?

Be kind. Work hard. Be your own worst critic, don’t just make your client happy.


This is truly inspiring work!

Cath October 08, 2020

Hi! Have you ever considered doing something rune style? My company logo™ could probably benefit from a facelift.

Carl Henrik Lampe August 13, 2020

Since you caught Martin Schmetzer for interview, I wish I could read much more regarding his work and thoughts. Interview is good but too short. I learned still somethings from it anyway. Thank you for making this interview to happen.

Hasan Agan June 25, 2020

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