Software Engineering

Building the most powerful browser based graphic engine in the web, Engineering is a core part of our work at Heritage.


Engineering is a core part of our work at Heritage.

Continuously improving technology allows us to build heavy browser based graphic features. This let's us solve challenges in computer science that haven't been solved before. Our focus on excellence in engineering and user experience allows us to build the most powerful browser based graphic engine. With our work we are contributing to other libraries and other tech communities.

Focus on the user

We focus on building the most intuitive browser based design engine for our users. We build around our customers which includes fast iteration on our user base to provide an outstanding user experience.

Aiming for excellence at scale

We focus on continual improvement, launching and fast iterations. This means we sometimes have to use pragmatic approaches, even though our goal is to set the highest standards in the industry for graphic design.

Continually improve engineering

We run an efficient, structured but hackathon work approach - always improving from practices and processes to skills and culture. We’re building a supportive and diverse team where everyone can become as best and most productive as he or her wishes to be.

Our Team

We are looking for talented developers to join our team.

For more information check our current jobs below or contact us directly via email to nh(at)


After taking a year off, Phil wanted to build something truly special and revolutionary from scratch. Solving standard industry problems couldn't motivate him anymore. Thus he started building the next generation graphic engine. Previously he co-founded "App in the Air" which became App Store Editors’ Choice before. In life he is humble and happy person who likes well structured and efficient work where everyone can contribute. He is always looking for motivated people to join the team.

Claas Cassens
Software Engineer

Ignacio Sanchez
Software Engineer

Martin Ratkowski
UI/UX Designer

Cristian Gonzalez
Software Engineer

Guido Vizoso
Software Engineer


Software Engineer - Frontend
Berlin, Germany

Software Engineer - Research / Fullstack
Berlin, Germany