In Part 01 of this tutorial we talked about lettering, alternate glyphs and drop shadows (haven't read it yet? Click here). Let's carry on and add some nice ornamentation to our design. I will also explain how to transform text within this part of the tutorial.

First of all, draw two lines above and below the main words, using the Line Segment Tool. We use those as a kind of banner later on.
Tip: Hold shift to draw a perfect horizontal line.

Now, select the lines and main words together and group them (Command+G or Right click –> Group).

Following the sketch, we want to achieve a rising shape for the main words. To get this, select the group and go to Effect –> Warp –> Rise. I choose 40% here, as this creates a similar angle like in the drawing.

We do the same thing with the Flag effect and choose a low value like 5% for example. This makes the curve a little bit smoother. Depending on your word length it requires some testing. You can see how the text is warping by activating 'Preview'.

You may already have noticed that I included a circle in my drawing. This is a placeholder for an icon or illustration of a Tiger. But for now, just draw some circles with the Ellipse Tool (L) to use them as a placeholder (don't forget to hold Shift while drawing to keep a perfect roundness). Then, use the Align Tool to center these circles.

In the next step, draw two rectangles with the Rectangle Tool (M) to create a frame for the subhead. You can connect the two shapes by using the Pathfinder Tool (Window –> Pathfinder). Select both rectangles and click on the first Shape Mode (Unite).

Can you see the little white dots in the corners of the shapes? By clicking on those and moving the curser you can create rounded edges.
This is very helpful in a lot of situations, so make sure to read more about this feature here: Working with Live Corners

This is cool already, but I want to have a double line here. So make the outline a little bit thicker and then go to Object –> Expand and click OK. Now we've created a shape instead of a single line. Simply show the stroke color instead of the fill color and you have a double line.
More about expanding objects here: Group and expand objects

Now it's time to add our ornaments and other elements. We have prepared a 'Graphics' layer in Part 01 of this tutorial with all our ornaments from the Vintage Font Bundle. This makes it more comfortable than copying the single elements from each product file. The Vintage Font Bundle includes a wide range of different ornaments and floral graphics which should make it easy to find the right components for our layout. However, if you couldn't find the right element make sure to check out our growing ornament and illustration collection here.

Ok, so now we choose different components from our collection on the right side. We resize them, rotate them or reflect them to arrange them according to our layout. This needs some trial-and-error, but you will get a good feeling for it very quickly ;)

Tip: Before using the elements make sure to give them the right color from your color swatches.

After a while I ended up with this composition. It is still very messy, so let's clean this up in Part 03 of this tutorial!
I hope you enjoyed and of course, if you have any questions or feedback, please comment below and I'm happy to help.

Check the other parts of this tutorial here:



This was one of the most detailed tutorials I’ve had the pleasure to experience! The outcome was beyond my expectations, and I’ve started additional design concepts based on this synopsis, playing with and incorporating more elements. The only downfall is that ALL the outcomes are amazing and makes it hard to choose a favorite!

You’re font bundle is my new addiction and I can’t WAIT to see my customers reactions!

Looking forward to utilizing more Vintage Brilliance!

Thanks so much!


Rick Ashton April 10, 2021

After playing with this for another hour, I figured it out!

After the Effect > Warp > Rise, the lines seem to be distorted and become fatter towards the middle and end. To correct this, I selected the lines individually and removed the “Fill.” Once I removed the Fill, the lines look like normal lines! Thanks!

Dee March 12, 2020

Hi, I recently purchased the font bundle and wanted to learn how to make my own logo using this tutorial. I am getting the same distortion for my line segments when I use Rise. I also get them when using Flag. I have tried to figure out how to make my text rise like yours, Tobias, but have not been successful. I also tried the pen tool instead of the line segment, but I still get the line distortion. I am using Adobe Illustrator version 24.0.2 (64-bit). I would love to learn how to get around this problem. Thank you!

Dee March 12, 2020

Hey Jeremy, this is the first time I hear of this issue and it never happend to me in my whole career . Which version of Illustrator do you use? For me this sounds like a technical problem. Maybe the Adobe support can help you better with it?

Tobias Saul February 04, 2020

I am getting the same line distortion as Cory and my values are at zero, any other insight as to why this is happening and what I can do to fix it?

Jeremy Fisher February 04, 2020

Hey Cory, maybe you have insert a value for distortion? Keep this at 0% when using the Rise effect.

Tobias Saul February 04, 2020

When i draw line segments, group, then use rise
effect; my line segments do not create a nice consistent smooth line like yours.
they do rise but they start thin, get fat, back to thin,fat again, thin… any idea whats happening or possible solution?

Cory Saul February 04, 2020

This is really helpful. I’m having a lot of fun working with this fantastic bundle, and your tutorials are really clear and easy to follow. Thank you, Tobias Saul!

Joanne D. February 04, 2020

Hey Dean,
Thanks for your comment!
The embellished circle is part of the ornaments from the Royal Signage. You can find it next to the crown ;)

Have a nice day,

Tobias Saul February 04, 2020

The trickiest thing about this design was the embellished circle around the B. And you didn’t even mention how you did it.

Dean Wilhite February 04, 2020

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