During my career as a lettering artist I collected tons of inspiring imagery of vintage graphics which crossed my path while browsing through the world wide web. Especially the artistic lettering and ornamentation from antiquated packaging fascinates me a lot. I guess nowadays it is hard to find products which stand out due to a high level of craftsmanship – from the in and outside. However I think there is a little comeback nowadays and decorated packaging design has a revival.

So in this article I want to show you a collection of my favourite tin designs. I hope you enjoy and find some inspiration for your own projects. If you have and questions, feedback or suggestions for next blog posts, please comment below :)


What a beautiful collection! Thanks for sharing!

Amy Sager February 04, 2020

Great images! Thank you for posting them large enough to see the detail. Do you have an idea as to the date ranges of these products? I’m doing a project that takes place between 1870 – 1915 and I curious what trends existed then. These look like they’re likely early turn of the 20th century. But how early I wonder?

Anyway, keep up the good work!

Cal February 04, 2020

This is a nice collection of tins from a span of ad artwork styles. It’s interesting to see the variety of styles and approaches used. Great inspiration!
Thanks for showing this.

Brian Fuelleman February 04, 2020

Beautiful and inspiring images – thank you for sharing these with us! From looking at these tins it seems to me that advertising artists of the past believed a beautiful package would compel consumers to purchase the item if only to have a small piece of art in their home… or maybe that’s the kind of consumer I am? They’re lovely.

Kathy Weeks February 04, 2020

Your work – every inch of it….is truly awesome. Not being proficient on any design platforms, I truly enjoy enjoy ‘window shopping’ when I need time out from the daily grind! Thanks Tobias

Cornell February 04, 2020

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