This week we'd like to introduce you to the colorful and creative world of João Neves. He is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator from Lisbon, Portugal. He has a strong interest in vintage graphic design and typography and we are huge fans of his work! Below we have put together a small interview with João. Enjoy!

Heritage Type Co.: How do you start your day?

João: After having breakfast my day usually begins with replying to e-mails and going through everything I have to do for the day. I like to have post-it notes glued to my computer screen so I don't forget what I have to accomplish on the projects I'm currently working on.

Your workplace: clean or creative chaos?

I like to keep my workspace clean and tidy but when I'm focused on work it does get a little messy! When I enter a creative spiral I get very focused on what I'm doing and always end up being a bit disorganized. Same thing always happens with my working files - the final version is always a combination of numerous unnamed and unnecessary layers. That's something I definitely want to improve for the future.

What’s your work-progress like?

Before starting a project I always make sure to spend some time understanding the brief and asking the right questions to the client. After that, I start exploring and sketching options without being too focused on the final product. It's good to just draw and let ideas flow. When everything is approved and ready, I finalize the proposal and pray that the client doesn't want any last minute changes!  

Your top-track to listen to while working?

There's always music playing in the background so it's hard to pick just one track. My playlists range from old jazz tunes to Brazilian music or rap bangers, so it's a pretty eclectic mix. I also like to listen to podcasts as long as I'm not writing anything.

Where do you go to relax?

My go-to place to relax is right next to my desk: my piano. I've been playing it since I was very young and I always found it to be the best way to unwind and just focus on enjoying the moment. Music has always had a therapeutic side to me and I always make sure to take some time, even if just a couple of minutes, to play everyday.

Three values to live and work by?

Try to make things fun and enjoyable; never be afraid to reach out and compliment other people you admire; and the most important one: always backup your files!

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