Have you ever been to an old pub in London and stumbled over one of these stunning beautiful, highly detailed gold leaf signs? For me it was an extraordinary experience and changed my perspective to design heavily. This passion for detail, the rich effects and artistic embellishments blowed my mind. I mean "less is more" is cool, but duuuude these signs are masterpieces! And when you believe that this craftsmanship is a thing of the past, then I can prove you wrong. Gold leaf lettering had a strong revival the last years. Famous sign artists like David Adrian Smith or Paul Banks are creating artworks on glass which arouse great interest and demand by many people.

So today I want to give a little insight into this beautiful craft and share some works of outstanding contemporary glass gilding artists here. As always, if you have any notes, questions or just want to say hi, please comment below ;)

Sign Writing, Gold Leaf and Chalkboard Lettering

Gilding, Lettering and Design

Traditional Ornamental Glass Artist

Hand-Lettered Design, Sign Painting & Gold Leaf

Sign Painter and Glass Gilder

Sign Artist, Gilder and Gold Leaf Lettering Specialist

Traditional Sign Writing and Hand Lettering


Simply astonishing, these are truly artists.
Thanks for sharing it.

Hichson Mc Thebe August 20, 2021

Love the signwork I’ve been signwriting for 50 years now. Nice to see such craftsmanship.

Leonard Dean June 11, 2021

Hi i want a quote of a logo, the idea is a vintage but classy logo about motorcycles outfit of high end quality. the name is MOTOFELLAS. let me know how much will cost. regards Aldo Barba

aldo barba April 28, 2021

Stunningly beautiful work by all. Don’t see too much anymore, or at least in the US.

Margaret Whiting January 01, 2021

Thank you for sharing this! Is there a good reference book for getting started with sign painting, specifically gold leafing?

Sam November 24, 2020

Wonderful collection of work. I began my design career as a signpainter, taking traditional classes at the local trade school long before the advent of any digital signage. There was only one person in our shop that was allowed to handle any gold lettering. It’s quite a skill to apply. This brings back a lot of memories. Thanks.

Raph Winn July 24, 2020

Just gorgeous, every one of these pieces.
Hats off to the masters who created them.

Paul Connolly July 08, 2020


Olympia Logger June 15, 2020

Absolutely beautiful!

Brent Flory May 22, 2020

Less was more when it was too costly to embellish, but now revisiting embellishment in the digital age, with amazing fonts like Heritage there is no limit. It’s a good time for a renaissance in embellished art! Love these mirrors.

Greg Bridges February 04, 2020

Magnificent! So good to see all these beautiful works together! It takes years of hard work and dedication to become this good. Walking past one of these beautiful signs in the sunlight just lifts your spirits!

H. Ingham February 04, 2020

Great artists work, very inspiring. Thank you for sharing

Catherine cleary February 04, 2020

Such exquisite work! And so inspiring! I am thrilled to notice – pretty much everywhere – how this Victorian style signs and lettering has become so popular once more. When done right it’s stunning! Thank you for sharing these images.

Monica Schwartz February 04, 2020

This is amazing work. I have been hand lettering for nearly 50 years and I like good work. This is some of the best I’ve ever seen.
Thank you

Bruce Edward Socha February 04, 2020

A great collection of images, beautiful and inspirational!
The combination of chipped, etched, painted, and gold leafed work is a great and elegant look in a mundane world.

Brian Fuelleman February 04, 2020

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