For this tutorial we have teamed up with Nobu Design in order to show you how to create gradient long shadow text effects for your design. We believe it is always great to see how many possibilities there are to one design and we hope you’ll like this one!

For this one we used one of our fonts Mirosa - but remember you can use any font you want, so feel free to have a look at our other fonts if you prefer a different style.

he software we use for this tutorial is Adobe Illustrator CC. The texture and color-variations are done in Photoshop. Nobu Design walks you through the tutorial step by step, making it easy to follow and learn something new! Let us know what you think :)


great content
just a little bit faster for beginners , but awesome work
bring more

cesar July 01, 2020

Very useful information

SteveDor April 13, 2020

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